Belarus relives baby boom

In Minsk, 421 kindergartens, approximately 72 thousand kids stroll in the gardens — municipal, sanatorium, personal. At the theoretical level, the lack of places in kindergartens should not be, says the chief of special committee on education Mingorispolkom Lena Makarevich:
"The number of places in preschool and school age kids number in Minsk are almost identical. And in fact, we can provide all who wish to attend preschool. Another thing, in new housing estates being built, concentrated a huge amount of pre-school age kids. There the young family, a lot of public housing construction. Specifically, in these neighborhoods of places in kindergartens not enough. "
In Minsk, a difficult situation in the neighborhoods Sukharava Reddish Bohr and Loshitsa. In Loshitsa 6 kindergartens. In the queue for a place in the garden specifically Loshitsa currently about thousand people. Although there problem solved, says deputy head of education Leninsky district of Minsk:
"In all Loshitsa filled gardens. Everyone who wants to get a place in kindergarten, it gets in nearby neighborhoods. Near the main worsted mill. This two bus stops. Is this the problem?"
From neighborhood to Loshitsa worsted mill in reality not two, but six stops on public transport. And at rush hour with a small child is not very comfortable. Home Special Education Committee Mingorispolkom Lena Makarevich agrees:
"In the new housing estates, we can not one hundred percent to meet the demands of parents. But the problem is solved: given a place in the neighborhood, which is located slightly further."
However, parents promise that this temporary inconvenience, gardens in residential construction. Almost Friday revealed new kindergarten in the district Loshitsa in November — in Sukharevo.
On days of Deputy Education Minister Boris Ivanov said that the agency wants to return to the system structure of the Ministry of Education preschools, which in their Time wasand redeveloped under the cabinets. For example, in one of the former kindergartens greenish Luga currently located Day Tax, Platonov on the street — the Chinese Embassy. In some kindergartens are private offices. However, soon how it will return is not yet clear.
Sadik Belarusian considered if it has at least one group of the Belarusian
How does it look with the situation of Belarusian gardens? Knows vice-chairman Belarusian society Christina School Vitushko:
"Cages of Belarusian Belarusian twelfth Sadiq considered if it has at least one group of Belarusian. A group of Belarusian considered if it at least one day speak Belarusian and reports and applets written in Belarusian.
Formally, the number of groups Sadochka not changed. Another question — how do they really Belarusian? Is there everyday drinking whiteRussian language? Indeed, it often happens that on Thursday in them, for example, a day Belarusian language, when the children instead of "thank you" they say "thank you." That’s the Belarusian limited. "

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