Belarus spoiled Europe style most humane mainland

Romano Prodi said that members of international organizations concerned about the growing cases of the death penalty in the world. So Last year was condemned to death more people than in the past 25 years. Not counting on Belarus so called the "Podiyu shame" were authoritarian countries such as China, Iran and Pakistan.
As for Belarus, the Last year to be shot here were convicted 9 people, while in 2005 — 2 people. From 30 June 2005 until 30 June 2006 in the country was made 5 death sentences. The document "Hands off Cain!" It is also noted in Belarus penalty provided for in connection with 14 offenses, among which murder threat to municipal and state security secret.
Members of international organizations express protest against the fact that Belarusian relatives convicts usually do not report on the date and place of execution of punishment. Information about the bark comes a few months after its implementation. Relatives of convicts on death Belarusians do not get their bodies and do not know their places of burial.
How should the report, in the midst of state and municipal favorites that showed the greatest responsibility in the fight for a moratorium on the death penalty and stated Worldwide the ability to put an end to the absurd cycle of vendetta marked Rwanda and President Paul Kagame of her.
Organization’s website Handsoffcain
• In Last year Belarus capital punishment sentenced 16 people, 14.02.2007

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