Belarus — the birthplace of vodka?

Vadim Deruzhinsky book refers to the deceased couple years ago Russian historian William Pahlebkina "History of vodka." Pahlebkin writes that the brand "vodka" is the only Russian. But Deruzhinsky Pahlebkina uses arguments against the theory of confirmation as "Russian roots" in favor "of Belarusian origin" of liquor.
J.Kolasa: "I hope you resin was already drunk! .. "
By Pahlebkina, modern technological creation vodka comes from the middle of the Slavs vserasprostranennogo 15th century smalakurennya. A little later, by analogy with smalakurennem appeared vinakurenne. According Pahlebkin, smolakurennya centers "should be considered Polotsk Russia, Belarus, Lithuania." The main smolokurov were inhabitants of Smolensk and border today with her modern Belarusian lands.
As evidenced Deruzhinsky "Pahlebkin shows on Belarus, not realizing that" and "Polotsk Rus" (IX-XIII century) and "Lithuania" (official title of Belarus from the XIII century to the 1860s), and "Belarus" ( Russian tsar introduced after the uprising in 1864 Kalinowski interchangeable term) — one land, which for the first time became the Russian (the capital) in 1795-m. "
Belarusian painter and cultural studies Misha Anempadistov with skepticism refers to the theory of "Belarusian roots" vodka:
"Between the Poles and the Russians dispute occurred at the municipal level. Then the Russians gave the job Pahlebkinu prove that there was vodka in Russia. And this study was used in trade disputes."
S.Dayneka: have them — vodka, we — Krambambulya
According to another professional and 1st of lobbyists old kinds of drinks, businessman Sergei Dayneko Minsk, the Belarusian real monument old drinking culture is "Krambambulya." Its inventors — stately Lithuanian princes Radziwill. This powerful moonshine vodka, which included many herbalists, pepper and cinnamon. From this, as the historian Adam Maldis, "mouth was burning."
"For the disk imaging that we have on the 15th century, this was very vserasprostranenny strong drink on the ground majestically Duchy of Lithuania. Here then drank "Krambambulya" and the word "vodka" was unclear. In each store, drink had its own taste, every shop did it with some odor. Base — rye. On rye with moonshine distilling obtained through strong drink, and later added different ingredients. "
In 2005 sales of alcoholic drinks in Belarus amounted to 10 liters per person. based on soilless alcohol (not counting moonshine). The situation is considered unsafe when the figure is 8 liters.
13 l. alcohol drinks per year average Belarusian, 8.08.2007
Brussels decided where maybe vodka, 19.06.2007
In Belarus considered vodka?, 19.06.2007

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