Belarusian ambassadors put records

The last head of the KGB in Baranovichi entered into a huge policy when he was elected deputy Supreme Council 13th convocation. In the conflict with Parliament, Alexander Lukashenko, he vigorously supported the head of the country. And soon after the November (1996) referendum Leonid Rachkova appointed ambassador to Iran.
Foreign Ministry spokesman Andrei Popov answering our Radio, neither confirmed nor denied this disk imaging. He referred to the fact that "this is a purely internal affair Ministry Foreign Affairs whatever country to decide how many years will operate one or the other salting. "
Successor Leonid Rachkova behalf of the employees of Asia and Africa Foreign Ministry of Belarus Valentin Fisherman. According to his colleagues, he is considered one of the best in Belarus expert Farsi.
With return Leonid Rachkova in Belarus "far abroad" remains almost one ambassador-survivor. This control diplomatic missions in Germany Vladimir Skvortsov. He has held this position since 1999.

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