Belarusian candidacy bureaucrat business, lattice oblivion?

First presidential administration manager Leonid Sinitsyn, who later served as Deputy Prime Minister, is currently working chairman of the Russian-Belarusian Fund "Socio-economic partnership." Sovereign Sinicyn reads decision on forthcoming fate bureaucrat, who is sent into retirement, perceives Alexander Lukashenko personally:
"As a chess player, a bureaucrat must look ahead and realize that this is a common problem for the country, especially for our. Maybe even just treat some bureaucrats in Tajikistan and Turkmenistan. And this is not what the hell authoritarian government. This indication of the power of authority, with all the ensuing consequences. Indeed authority spetsefichesky way to control the masses. He crowd favorite and therefore will always be one. Therefore it appropriate behavior. "
Has Kanaplyou needs a "lift"?
Celeta the House of Representatives passed a bill whereby deputies themselves, heads of ministries and departments will receive strategic inflated pension. As they say former members of the House of Representatives, pension, based on the Belarusian rubles will be up to U.S. $ 1,000.
General Yuri Sivakov served as Minister Interior, later operated by the Ministry of Sport and Tourism. Now Sivakou provost works in organizational and educational work of the Minsk Institute of Management. Says that a man in uniform, even after retirement are good. And about the other officials says they state "no harm":
"What as for military, with shoulder straps, as I was leaving, it provides 6 salaries, in other words, very sensitive lifting for another rhythm of life. As for the deputies, I am here ignorant. But I think that they are not offended. And do not think that Vladimir (cannabis) was in need of real help in elevating the next step of life. What do you think? If you go from the public service, and simultaneous output of certain assistance there. But it is low. This lump sum payment. And then the man himself and everything is arranged according to each individual’s personality. One of these authorities can not apravitstsa fate, and another as a decent living peg: he hammered the ground, or the head or feet, he all the same let the roots, and later formed a crown, and gave fruit. It depends on the personality of the person. "
Do all successful businessmen bureaucrats?
In the West, and now in Belarus usual case, when the last bureaucrat is available in the business.
Case in the past engaged in road transport Transport Minister Mike Borovoy.
Last Presidential Administration head Ural Latypov comes to the Board of Directors of the Company "Amkodor".
Senior Minister of Foreign Affairs Dr. Ivan Antonovich teaches at Capital University
Head of the Belarusian past the railroad Victor Rakhmanko currently manages the Office of Transport group "Gazprom".
In Russia, has his own business last first deputy chairman of the KGB Valery Kez. Past Deputy General Valery Pavlov works in Russian company "Dionysius" that produces alcoholic beverages.
In Moscow last work and managing director of the Presidential Administration Ivan Titenkov and last Prime Minister Mikhail Chigir.
Past chairman of the KGB Leonid Erin worked as an assistant to Vladimir Yakunin, head of Russian steel road.
Former bureaucrats, are presently engaged in business, prefer not to give interviews. Very often they refer to the fact that the condition laid down in their present job contract.
With ministerial offices — on the prison cell
Some municipal bureaucrats after retirement began to engage in political and public activities.
Past Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs Andrei Sannikov is the international coordinator of the public initiative "Charter 97."
Past Head of the socio-political disk imaging Presidential Administration Alexander Fyaduta engaged in conducting the election campaign in Ukraine.
Chairman of the Supreme Council of the 12th convocation Mieczyslaw fungus is a member of the Social Democratic Party Alexander Kozulin. A former defense minister Pavel Kozlovsky — members of the UCP.
A number of former officials who since leaving office, opponents became public authorities were under investigation, and later — in captivity. » Connects them about voedinyzhdy what they all shortly before his arrest tried to run for presidency in Belarus.
Last rector of the Belarusian Institute for Municipal and later presidential candidate Alexander Kozulin was sentenced to five and a half years imprisonment.
Behind bars and salting visited Belarus in Latvia, the last Minister of Foreign Economic Relations Misha Marinich, who in 2001 also collected signatures for the presidential nomination.
Director refrigerator plant "Atlant" Leonid Kalugin, still occupying its own post, I tried to participate in the presidential campaign in 2001. Two months after the election he was removed from office and arrested for economic charges. After liberation, Kalugin became a monk.
A former Prime Minister» er Misha Chyhir arrested during the presidential election campaign, the other, which held the opposition in 1999. Charges against Chyhir concerned more with those times, when he was prime» EPAM, although this post he resigned even before the referendum in 1996.

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