Belarusian countries: Lukashenko Give it LuNet!

Active Belarusians from different continents begin this fall campaign "Against control and censorship in ByNet" initiated several youth organizations from different countries. This, according to the organizers, "completely informal initiative" for the series of mass actions on Belarusian websites for illumine 2007, when Belarus will be considered media law.
Belarusian company organized public initiatives that are working intensively on the Web: "Air", "Third Way", and other initiatives participating manifesto "Together to Victory!".
Initiative was supported by cabinet "For a Democratic Belarus" in Brussels, the Committee of the repressed, the project "Our Opinion" agency "BelaPAN" FSA over 40 websites BYnet, many public initiatives of Belarus, also from Russia and Ukraine. On 30 August, a day of birth Belarusian leader, launched the first share of the company — "Give it Lukashenko LuNet»
Among the main initiators and organizers — Belarusian Youth Movement of America. His favorite Alexandre Vinokourov said that for more than 18 months of the organization and all its activities is the struggle against censorship and control in ByNet.
Byasplatnye server — the struggle for freedom of speech
"On our website you can see that this fight we started almost 18 months reversed: it is support-independent disk imaging tools — says Ales Vinokurov. — So long we do it, and already have confidence in us. We provide a free-independent servers of Belarusian websites. So we support makarom more than 70 websites, including them as famous as,,
Supported regional websites "Malady Front" — Svetlogorskij, Soligorsk, Gomel, Grodno (, main website of the Belarusian Language Society, which we have developed, and regional websites TBM such as Soligorskiy, Mogilev and many other websites. People turn to us as a party, and some politicians — we support website CCP BPF, for example — and absolutely non-political organizations, and individual creators, artists.
This week began its work site about People memorial in Kurapaty. A lot of work done, and will be even more — we can help all those who turn to us. Many Web sites can build our proposal-independent free hosting for websites.
Vitaly admin «If start Internet censorship, many problems will remain unresolved"
Vitaly, admin portal, who joined the campaign against censorship in ByNet, said: "Really, in every society, every country has problems. That’s understandable. These difficulties need to be addressed. Need to share and municipalities, and non-state media to raise these prepyadstviya to direct the attention of the government, people, and together find solutions to these problems. When will the Internet censorship, Internet blockade, many difficulties and remain unresolved. "
"For it is not enough to be independent of state or of the press — emphasizes Vitaly. — We need websites, blogs, forums, which are ordinary people come and express their thoughts or share information. That’s the main reason why we joined and oppose the blockade on the Web. "
By the way, the site appeared eventually ban youth initiative "Eye", which operated initially not in the virtual and the real, physical space. If it was unrealistic youth retained its environment through the web.
Now, when the censorship and control threaten the Web, many youth projects, and not just political — under threat, says Vitaly.
"Information Project appeared on the basis of youth initiative" Eye ", which is very intense work — this fan clubs Belarusian musician and action" Return Skaryna Avenue ", and assault and FM-and action" We wish to study in Belarusian "which will continue this year. But in 2005, "The Eye" was closed, as was a new order of registration initiatives and movements. And we were obliged to close the company, so as not to break the law.
But we continue to live intensely. As a result, the project was born such Internet community, where we’re just going to, discuss events, listen to music.
Censorship threatens our very existence. Website — a unique project, and there connects information (and not only beyond the control of the sources, and from municipal) have youth clips youth fleng scheduled for launch Belarusian music, ring tones for mobile phones. This project — a non-political. It was created to maintain the Belarusian language and culture, preservation of history, fully within the law. "
Last support freedom in Belarus
"The problem of the control of the Web includes several millions of Belarusians. Because we believe the principal to raise the topic in Belarusian and zabugornom medyyaprastorah, send it to the attention of politicians, the media and the civilian society. We can not allow the last pillar of freedom in Belarus lost. It’s time to show that even in the criteria of the virtual world we can show real solidarity. We must not allow the transformation of Belarus in the web of an aggressive China, "- said one of the initiators of the action, the coordinator of the Internet community" third path "Pavel Morozov.
In nedavneshnem report human rights organization "Freedom House" Belarus named in the top three CIS states, where the situation is worst for press freedom. "Freedom House" states that "the Belarusian regime has both the desire and the ability to restrict the web, and these abilities are much broader than just block and filter the internet."
The report says that "the threat openness of the Web in Belarus will increase when the Act came into force, which increment control of the country over the network, so that the authorities were able to adjust and block the Internet."
"Internet censorship has already begun"
Vitali says that the threat to freedom of speech on the web in Belarus really very sur» seriously.
"During political campaigns, actions occur in Belarus DOS-attack. However, one can not justify either the government does it, or any private person, but it is a fact that the DOS-attacks on websites were and websites blyakavalisya. Independent web site has been particularly difficult to work during political campaigns in Belarus and Belarusian nick was difficult or impossible to discover general are independent websites. Belarus also presently brought against website UCP suing him, and most likely the site will lose and will be required to pay a fine. It already starts Internet censorship. "
Alexandre Vinokourov programmer from the U.S., referring to his own experience of Belarusian-independent Web sites, is convinced that the attacks on websites are independent mend the Belarusian authorities, and so of course that is not asking for special evidence:
"Well, that settles here — Alexander laughs — and how it can be done in the country such as Belarus, where no-independent courts? But who are interested in such attacks, not counting the Belarusian secret services? Commercial benefits from the attacks on the Belarusian-independent websites no no. Could do some personal face hackers? I think not — why would they do that? So there is, who does it — the Belarusian authorities. And I do not think any confirmation required. "
Belarusian authorities are sending spies into the youth of the Internet community
Ales Vinokurov falls and a specific example of an attack on one-independent Web sites — website, for which, among other 70-independent Belarusian-language Web sites, Belarusian Youth Movement of America provides free hosting:
"For example, the security services introduced its own man in the youth community to have its own man on those moments when you want to stop the operation of the website. I know exactly what happened with the web site in Marc
h. Tried to close it, and there were several attacks.
We have restored this website more than once helped the guys find out there. And we know exactly what happened. Intelligence agencies were able to bring in their own group of spies, that they, among other things, disabled website recently on March 25. And they did it. But we were able to debug all, when realized what was happening. So the fight is on. Patrons of the dictatorial regime are not asleep, and we do not sleep. "
"Compare the website and the site BRYU" N.R.M. "
Belarusian activists users feel confident, they are convinced that the dictatorship will lose. Ales Vinokourov says that the struggle of the Belarusian dictatorship with a network similar to the fight with windmills and feeble opportunities Belarusian authorities in cyberspace himself acknowledges the Belarusian leader. "In the web presence of the Belarusian country — Insignificance. Among municipal websites no 1st with the audience more than five thousand, "Alexander Lukashenko said during a meeting with journalists of" Russian Belarus "in August this year.
My companion saw that are independent Belarusian websites benefit in comparison with municipal as not made to order, and indeed the soul. "Compare website BRYU with the web site of the" N.R.M. "For example, and tell themselves — on which website you want to come back again," says Alexandre Vinokourov.
Campaign against censorship and control in ByNet — opportunity for Belarus to protect the peninsula last freedom that exists on the Web, their right to free Internet community, adds Alexander.
Because, say youth advocates, Belarusians need solidarity in the fight against censorship and control in ByNet. Be initiated by the company has a long and varied.
LuNet — a web of which dreams Lukashenko
First action of this latest big company — "Give it Lukashenko LuNet», — Timed to days of birth Belarusian leader Alexander Lukashenko, on August 30. On this day, at least 40 websites situated at special banners that lead their guests in LuNet — a prototype of the Web in recognizing Lukashenko — namely, its search service Lundex, video service LuTube, blogs LuJournal, "the most conscientious portal" Tut.Lu.
The action is intended to show the danger of delirium and requirements to control Lukashenko in Belarus Web more aggressively.
How to join the company and the first action? Founders of everyone who wants to offer a website install a custom plugin that will open when loading the first page on the web site kutsee time banner with information about the dilemma and solidary attitude to her indifferent to the freedom of speech on the web Belarusians.
At the global level
"We plan to make a virtual IT hub — says about the next plans Alexandre Vinokourov. — We currently helping a lot, but we will try to help more Belarusian independent web site, and on the best level. We will try to take the new servers to frolic websites worked.
We have 18 months to anyone who really wants to make independent Belarusian-language website, help and support. Never had such options, so that we refused. So this is already being done on a global scale. Well, now we are trying to join forces» activists who are engaged, from different organizations, and private individuals to do something more global, on the best level. "
Belarus in the 10-ke worst violators of freedom of speech, 22.06.2007 Global Diaspora young Belarusians, 14.11.2006

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