Belarusian Helsinki Committee will sue the government

Catherine Karatkevich referee decided that "in the lawsuit and documents attached thereto quite reason to start creating the case."
BHC requests from the Council of Ministers of return loss at 255 thousand rubles. Recall that in Last year in December specifically for this amount bailiffs confiscated property committee: computer, fax and so on.
The property is outlined according to the decision of the Supreme Economic Court. She went in payment of 160 million rubles fine and tax debts — along with 75 thousands of dollars. The Tribunal considered the BHC guilty of failing to pay taxes on assets acquired as part of programs from the EU TACIS.
But BHC believes that losses were justified through inaction Council of Ministers who led the legal framework of Belarus in accordance with international obligations under the European Union activities applets TACIS.
Tatiana Protko BHC chairman said "Freedom":
"We consider this decision to the Supreme Economic Court as a first step towards Mm European judicial system of values. An opportunity to apply to the court for the highest economic organ, the Council of Ministers, and to be heard by the tribunal — is evidence that the country is making strides in the legal direction .
But we do not have a huge optimism, as there is such a practice in our courts — to accept the claim for consideration and later say that he is not subject to the court. Yet we look forward to the outcome of the legal consideration in our issue. "
Preparatory hearing is scheduled for September 13.
Confiscated property BHC , 6.12.2006

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