Belarusian News main event on September 24 — 30

In Mon, September 24, will be held in Gomel Tribunal in the case of Sergei Semenov, who refused to fill out the form on the Russian border and claimed Declaration Form in the Belarusian language. Penalty for non-compliance was almost 450 bucks. At the moment, the situation repeated itself, says Semenov
"In my next mon tribunal with such wording as" disobeying legitimate requirements of customs officers. " I again asked for a declaration on whiteRussian language and they again just made me protocol. And, most likely, will consider the case the same referee Marina Domnenkov. "
In mon in Minsk will be a meeting of the organizing committee in the remembrance of Stalinist repression. Member of the committee report Siuchyk:
"It will be considered an appeal to the Gomel regional executive committee. According to the situation that prevailed in the districts of Gomel, where hitherto not recognized by the area where the shooting took place."
Now the stadium "Locomotive" in Brest appointed meeting businessmen. The initiator of the action — a public company "Perspective". Favourite society Anatoly Shumchanka explains:
"We hope to be heard pin power. Attention will be paid to those prepyadstviya which are currently in business."
In *** Tuesday the organizing committee of the public company "For Free Development of Enterprise" wants to submit to the Ministry of Justice for registration. applicant informs Victor Gorbachev:
"Founders — 68 people. Elected to the Board 22. Objective — to develop long-term legislation to small and medium-sized businesses."
In *** Wednesday BPF Party begins meetings and workshops with the public, the party chairman said Vintsuk Vyachorka:
"Topic:" Oil and Gas "Belarus. The situation in the autumn of 2007. "Perceive Home Special Role in the energy field. And also invited representatives of the Ministry of Energy," Benaftahimii "and" Beltrangaz. "
Main Event *** Thursday Brest announces activist Victor Syritsa:
"27th will be released Paul Seviarynets and end in the end all these courts. So we will meet Paul Sevyarinets."
In *** Saturday activists of the movement "For Freedom" will leave the regions. Information campaign organizer Yuri Hubarevich said that brochures will be distributed to the proposals of the European Union to Belarus:
"This is to inform the inhabitants of Belarus about the benefits they can derive from the Euro Union. Summer we informed the representatives of the nomenclature. And at the moment — university students."

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