Belarusian police will not let young people to the festival The right to be free

Special Forces soldiers now NIGHT MODE police detained two buses young people, who went to the festival with the role of Belarusian rock bands in Lutsk. Evening about Academy, youth gathering on the spot, there were several police cars. As buses young people, the principal amount of whom were students, drove toward Dzerzhinsky Avenue, followed by a descent toward the police trucks.
First detained at the bus approaches to Dzerzhinsk. People transplanted into a police bus and taken under escort to the police. There all copied passport data. According to police, the cause of detention — the technical problems of the bus, which drove the young people. All the detainees were taken to the police under guard in Minsk.
Recall that in July Dziarzhynsk police were detained several cars with the rally in a symbol of solidarity with Dashkevich.
Second bus was detained close to the column. At night, after, as passport information was copied detained, the police were all a mile under escort to the railway station.
15 of 36 people managed initially by train to get to Baranovichi, thence to Brest, and later on a bus in Lutsk.
Activist of the unregistered organization "Young Front"Valery Mackiewicz said" freedom "that the police in private conversations were that orders do not prevent organized a mass exodus of people to the festival.
"We did not sleep the whole day, but 15 people from these 2-buses managed to break through to Brest by train, bus and Lutsk we moved the Belarusian-Ukrainian border."
Matskevich also said that the organizers of the festival and local authorities Lutsk postponed concert at 5:00 pm to wait for the people of Belarus. Prazdnichek last until morning.
Preventive detention of participants of the festival "The right to be free", 22.09.2007

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