Belarusian tennis players will compete with Peruvians for a place in the world’s elite

Favorite pair Peru Belarus continue to fight for the Davis Cup in subsequent season. And the one who is defeated, go to the regional division. In the case of Belarus is Euro-African Zone, where difficulties with bolshennymi team hit the tennis elite.
On the support of fans Belarusians expect not particularly necessary. Voyage in relation to the match, which the company offers "Extreme Tour", translates into a lot of money. Sightseeing programm with residence in one-bed room — 425 bucks, flight from Moscow to Lima — another 1,200 bucks. Plus payment services firms, insurance, tickets to the game. As a result — about two thousand dollars.
Will not be in the stands and the control of the Belarusian Association of Tennis, Minsk Mayor Misha Pavlov. According to a source in the Belarusian delegation, his trip was planned, but there was no support to govern. International travel large claims officials personally Alexander Lukashenko. A group of officials and journalists flew official media in Peru at the end of last week. As a prize, the delegation received a 4-day vacation in Cuba, and later through Panama — journey to Lima.
Vorachivatsya in the Euro-African zone nobody wants
The Belarusian team by Dmitry Tatura for the match play-off stage is usually prepared by Max Mirnyi — 98th in the ATP rankings and Vladimir Voltchkov (542 minutes), is also relatively new athletes — Andrew Korotchenya (924) and Vladimir Ignatik byazreytyngavy. Peruvians in preparatory application such Quartet: 86th in the ATP rankings Luis Orna, Ivan Miranda (229), Matthias Sylva (715) and Mavrysie Eshasu (1116).
In favor of the popular sports newspaper "Pressball" for the Davis Cup match will look commentator Boris Tasman. He emphasizes the importance of the match and gives equal chances to competitors:
"The match will not be ordinary, as it is a meeting place for the preservation of the Global group. Now if this place will lose, in other words, the plunge in the Euro-African zone and then again go through all the selection. Mirnyi and Voltchkov doing it for 10 years. But when they were young, he was curious. Now, when Peace hit 30 Volchkov year less and shoulders covered so many because I do not think that there will be a big incentive to break up again. other words, repeat the already decade passed — with mental sight it is very fundamentally. Because to keep a place in the Global group, they are very interested. "
As Boris says Tasman, not for the first time in the exclusively peaceful and appeared Voltchkova "backup." On the third and fourth numbers, Andrei Korotchenya and Vladimir Ignatik, you can do far strategic calculation. In This year in junior discharge Ignatik won "Roland Garros", was a finalist at Wimbledon and reached the quarter-finals US Open. Korotchenya showed himself in doubles matches (favorite "Roland Garros" with the Italian Fabian), also became a favorite of Belarus in singles.
Or "prop" young veterans?
But there is not much than boast longstanding favorite team: the second number, Vladimir Voltchkov, started the season with 900 x positions. Fell sharply personal results and Peace, that could reasonably be attributed to the costs of long years of lethargy. As the Boris Tasman somewhere and Dad (coach Nikolai Peace) missed time needed reduce appetite and reduce the number of roles in tournaments.
Yet, as my companion said, not the first time the preparation of Belarusians was organized in the severe level: previously planned gathering, the team was closely monitored by doctors. And friction actually in the same time zone as Peru — in Miami, where they live peaceful. But the outcome is difficult to predict. After all, if, in the words of Tasmania, in Minsk on frisky coating Peru could "spread" and Nil, then …
"… On the ground it will be different. Orna — awesome dirt player. And if you take, say, only Dirt systematization, then he probably comes to the 20 best. He has a winning ATP tournaments in singles and doubles on the ground that says a lot. It took players of the world 10s, for example, Robredo also specific gruntavika. This boy can trivially give their two points. mean, as opposed to need to have the other three. First need to win Miranda. And Miranda — just not normal. 220 th issue, but for last year he climbed in the ranking of 100 pt. Also clean groundwater player, and played their moment: Orna Miranda. "
Resounding victories in the midst of the Belarusian team in Davis Cup — home wins over teams of Russia and Argentina, as strong-willed victory on the road against Canada. Culminating in the release to the semi-finals of the Davis Cup three years back, at a party where Belarusians without much struggle gave way to the Yankees.

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