Believers — report of the U.S. State Department

According to representatives of Christian human rights at home Maria Savushkina, U.S. State Department’s findings were consistent with the Belarusian human rights activists. A range of evidence suggests that religious rights violated in Belarus and pressure from the government increases:

M.Savushkina: ‘During the year, our country had to leave more than 25 foreign priests and missionaries’.

"Rights hrastsiyanav violated — both Orthodox Catholics and Protestants. Currently in Belarus the topic very much alive and quivering. For example, for year our country had to leave more than 25 foreign priests and missionaries. The reason for deportation — religious, educational or charitable activities of foreigners on the ground Republic of Belarus. Expulsion orders come with special services. Usual formulation from which they are sent — a threat to national security. "
The report says that many religious communities are obliged to await the decision of the authorities for years about their registration or the return of property.
Catholic Ales whitewashed revealed that the administration received about 20 thousand signatures. Citizens demand to pass the faithful church building of St. Joseph and the former Bernardine monastery. Why did the authorities do not want to give these buildings a believer? Ales whitewashed said:

A.Belosnezhny: "People who make decisions delivered — very ignorant in matters of faith."

"One of the main reasons is a dismissive attitude toward Christianity. People who placed to make this decision — give or not give, let there not allow to pray, they are very ignorant in matters of faith and religious practice. Very surly and lost the ability. "
Priest of the diocese of Vitebsk Victor Misevich Pronunciation:
"It seems to me that the law on veravyzanannyah in Belarus need to revise all the same and many times change. I think that many other denominations will svabadney develop. And the Catholic Church is not hurt and will only help. "
A.Shramko: "The state is atheistic and godless"
According to the Orthodox priest Alexander Shramko, which control the Belarusian Exarchate ROC forbade conduct services, the situation is not improving in Belarus:
"It remains the case that restricts any active religious activities. Orthodox is perhaps the least affected. The Government is interested not so much to dominate any church. Just as the Orthodox Church selected vserasprostranennaya more and more passive people there. Just as some such rezervatsyya. In principle, the government is interested in the smallest distributing at least some religion. Government remains atheistic and godless. "
The representative of the Protestant church "New Life" Sergei Lukanin concerned about the violations of freedom veravyzannya in Belarus. He — one of the activists to collect signatures against the current law on freedom of conscience:
"This company for the fact, that the laws were changed, who use power in a struggle against Christian believers. Only priests arrested for what they are religious activities. While the priests officially registered Protestant churches. Many have been arrested over the past year and arrests pratsyagvayutststsa. KGB report to the authorities that Tipo Protestants here operate on a U.S. orders. But all that we do — we pray God’s own Jesus Christ. "
U.S. State Department: "The Belarusian government restricts freedom of religion", 14.09.2007

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