Benita Ferrero-Waldner: the part of Belarus felt the lack of political will for cooperation

"For us, of course, Belarus a specific neighbor of the EU, and very principle offer her those abilities that have to other states, vsepolnotsenno participating in the European Neighbourhood Policy ", — said the commissioner.
Ferrero-Waldner highlighted that all EU proposals contained in the document "What the Alliance can give the people of Belarus."
"We are waiting for the answer of the democratization processes," — she said.
With all this commissioner highlighted that the most important criteria for the start of cooperation are the release of political prisoners, the ability to work for a free media, the holding of free and honest elections.
"During the time elapsed since the submission of the document, we will not have seen any response from the Belarusian authorities our proposals. There is a lack of political will for cooperation, "- said the commissioner. It noted that at the present time all negotiations and contacts between the EU and Belarus are" technically ".
"We can not work with the last dictatorship in Europe," — she explained.

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