Bernardine Monastery can not be undone at a hotel with a swimming pool?

August 28 organizing committee for the creation of the party "Belarusian Christian Democracy" received a reply from the Committee of Architecture and Urban Minsk City Executive Committee chairman who signed Vladimir Nikitin.
Knows coordinator Paul Nostril:
"The response on the official letterhead with an initial number of 23 August 2007. It says that "at the present time suspended the creation of design and survey works on the project of reconstruction and restoration of buildings number 6 and 8 on the street Cyril and Methodius with conversion to a hotel and shopping and household objects. Minsk city executive committee studying the possibility of conversion of the complex under the historical-cultural site . "
Get some information specifically from officials of the Committee of Architecture and Urban Planning — that in the end will be with monuments of architecture, structure or give St. Joseph’s Church and Bernardine Monastery believers — did not work. All bureaucrats refer to the fact that busy at the moment prazdnichkom town.
Head of Department of Public Works and Urban Design Committee Andronchik architecture Alexander said:
"I have no such official disk imaging. Just for sure, scientific research and search the monuments themselves last. Sure … And then, as for design, reconstruction — is suspended.
But what is more, I have no such disk imaging. I can not confirm. And now for you with nocan tell, since we are currently preparing for the all passionate prazdnichkom town. Anyone who can say something, not in place. "
Chairman of the Belarusian Volunteer Society for Historic Preservation and Cultural Astapovich Anton said the company also achieved that the General Prosecutor’s Office and the State Control Committee decided to check whether violations in compliance with the historical and cultural heritage:
"Soon, I was already ringing — in the State Control Committee held an enlarged meeting with representatives of the Prosecutor’s Office, the Ministry of Culture, Minsk city executive committee and the public. Bernardine Monastery — is the only one flyspeck, but there really wish to find candidacy initial project."
Reporter: "But there is hope that the same hotel with a swimming pool will not be there?"
Astapovich: "I is I can tell Only after the meeting. Meeting should take place in the next two weeks. "
Actions in support of the Bernardine Monastery and Church of St. Joseph held in Minsk for several in recent years. 20 thousand signatures in support of the historical heritage from Aleksandr Lukashenko. The public has sent an appeal to the Father Benedict XVI called for the church to return assist believers.

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