BHC does not exclude that the government will want to reconcile

Since the beginning of 2004 stretches dispute Belarusian Helsinki Committee with various local government agencies as to human rights defenders must pay taxes on grants strip TACIS programs from foreign aid. Internal Revenue Service has calculated the size of the debt of the BHC several 10-s thousands of dollars. Since defenders these funds have not paid on their account were fined and confiscated property. Property that only 250 thousand rubles — Cabinet of BHC took old cabinets and chairs. But specifically recognizing this lawlessness confiscation reaches presently BHC of the Supreme Economic Court. After all, it would mean that claims for taxes — are illegal, says Oleg Gulak, which represents BHC.
Why blame the government considers a human rights activist? Hulak reminded that if the Belarusian government negotiated that of humanitarian aid will not take taxes, one acted legislation. Later, the president issued Decree that position changed, but the government was late to correct contradictions.

"If the Council of Ministers recognizes our right, disperse peacefully, without a trial."

"This controversy was resolved only after 18 months, and for this time us just and punished. And we did everything by the law, which was, "- says Oleg Gulak.
Indeed whether the government inaction in this area crippled defenders? The press service of the Belarusian Council of Ministers declined to comment, but confirmed that now lay representative of the Council of Ministers its position. In the Supreme Economic Court does not rule out after preparatory talks with the role of the parties to begin trial. Belarusian Helsinki Committee from its own is not going to renounce claims. But it does not preclude the government on the world still goes.
"There is a position that can be this and that and the third. When the Council of Ministers recognizes our right, disperse peacefully, without a trial," — says human rights activist Harry Pahanyajla recognizable.
According to the BHC in the end of sanctions against the public organizations its activity is virtually paralyzed. ‘Human rights activists do not receive salaries and can not pay the rent, which previously were welcome people seeking legal aid ", — says Harry Pahanyajla.
• Belarusian Helsinki Committee will sue the government, 4.09.2007

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