BODY COMPLEX Su-27 has already passed four versions

BODY COMPLEX Su-27 has already passed four versions
Fighters Su-27 have already passed 4 severe modification complex onboard equipment, said on Wednesday the chairman’s office «Dry» Misha Pogosyan.

Su-27 — a versatile all-weather fighter highly mobile fourth generation, created to win advantages in the air. Developed by JSC «Sukhoi».

«Today, aircraft Su-27 — Su-30 went 4 huge modifications on-board equipment. However, these aircraft propulsion system (passed) 2-3 modification «- said Pogosyan, the TV channel» Vesti-24. «
Based on the Su-27 created a whole family of military aircraft: combat training Su-27UB, carrier-based fighter Su-33 and its combat training Su-33UB modification, multi-purpose fighter Su-30, Su-27M, Su-35S, frontline bomber Su -34 and others.

Su-30 is considered more delivered to export Russian combat aircraft. Only in 2011 was exported 36 fighter brand «Dry» amounting to 1.69 billion dollars.

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