Borisov warned participants of the meeting about the likely strike

People came to the square in front of the local executive committee, to express the protest against significant (three to six times) rise in price of rent retail locations.
But that said "Freedom" Chairman of the Board for personal business market "Gerakombel" Oleg Popkov:
"I did not even expected that many people will come. They realized the situation, they porazdavali new accounts. They learned how much to pay. Currently one square meter — 10 euros. Seven square meters — 210 thousand rubles. Plus for the storage chamber 150 more thousand rubles. To of people paid 100 thousand rubles . "
According to Oleg Popkov rally participants met with the chairman of the Executive Committee of the Borisov Vasily Deluc. He promised that the disputed issues make out on Wednesday in the Borisov district executive committee.
Oleg Popkov said that more than 100 dealers threaten strike fifty:
"If the situation is not resolved in our favor, we will not begin work. This is a legitimate and organized event on our part."

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