Brand new ground in the language of Taras Shevchenko

Zakonnikau poet Sergei, who will lead the current party, in an interview our radio gives the subsequent characterization of Valeria Strelko:
"For the translator is very weighty work when it translates to more intimate language. A Ukrainian language is more close to the Belarusian. It just seems that if the languages are close, it is easier to translate. Indeed it is not.
It seemed to me that Valery Strelko able to use all their knowledge and ability to do the translation and interpreter, in 1-x, very close to the original as well, in-2, where can not be translated literally, it very good dealt with the metaphors, comparisons, with the clearer places characterizing Kolosovsky style, his style of writing. "
• Neil Gilevich Sergei Zakonnikau and Ales Pashkevich receive municipal services of Ukraine, 22.08.2006

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