Brand new land Kolas happened in Ukrainian

Valery Strelko worked on the translation two years:
"Naturally, I knew it was a very popular thing. Considered to be one of the best works of the twentieth century. By As the last, such thoughts, I have often read. Belarusians adore her, and not only Belarusians. I just like the product itself is because risk taking. Already have reviewed. By As the last, I am satisfied with these estimates. "
State of the Belarusian-Ukrainian literary relations sovereign Strelko evaluates as unsatisfactory: Belarusians and Ukrainians poorly briefed about the traditional and modern literature, culture each other.
"I came to Kiev in the Alliance writers six or seven years back, Byelorussian there sounded so exotic. Each country has its own prepyadstviya. And there are no suitable circumstances that would ponuknula the make intensified. "
In general, Valery Strelko notes afterdny from time to time the Belarusian-Ukrainian literary contacts were activated:
"Andrew Hodanovich published a book in Ukraine, there is … I know that Edward did Akulin analogy Ukrainian poetry. It has not yet been published, but there are 100 poets translated — a powerful step forward."
Ukrainian edition of "The newest land" appears at the Ukrainian Embassy in Minsk on September 25.

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