Brest — in the midst of the favorites in the prices of the real estate market

Prices for apartments in Brest for six months soared skyward or not three times. Apartments start at 35 thousands of dollars a one-room apartment, and from 50 thousands of dollars for chatyrohpakaevku. In all this there is virtually no difference between the "bricks" and "panel".
More expensive is malapakaevyh area apartments and flats improved plyanirovki that in the center of the company is building the "View". Price "oblikavskih" apartments, as they are called Brest residents already jumped 150 limit thousands of dollars.
New apartments are usually sold without adstroyvannya. While doing so the old-timers of the construction market — Building Trust № 8 and house-building factory. In their design without square meter costs about 900 bucks.
Builders: "cut off small developers eventually began to build smaller, appeared hype …"
Biznesmenka, who asked not to call their own behalf, complained: winter sold the apartment to purchase the least. The deal fell through — and here prices soared skyward. Now, she says, "hanging in the air with his already funny means."
Employees Building Trust № 8 explain the rise in prices presidential administration. Say, chopped small developers eventually began to build smaller, appeared excessive demand. What is needed now, they say they unscrew back. And oh so? No one knows.
The Chinese will build a house in Brest … for the Russians?
An employee of a real estate company "farmstead" explained to such a rise in prices and the implementation of that apartment acquire Russians. The newspaper "The Evening Brest" with all this reports that something similar happens in the Far East — the Russians massively acquire housing in China.
By the way, in July in Brest came president of the Chinese construction company "Xinxin". The company wants to build a house in Brest. Have even known area for its proposed development.
Lull in the real estate market. Autumn before the storm? 17.08.2007

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