Brest participants with P.Severintsa not go to the tribunal

To present a day or Olga Smirnova referee ignored the request Radio Liberty provide comment. Now information about typical boycott the trial, she confirmed:
"People are now must be caused. 5 protocols lies. Correspondence we do not judge. Here’s compulsory process Tribunal documents are processed. "
Journalist Anastasia Myaleshka the tribunal did not go now. She explains:
"I am currently not in town. Leave. No time to come. This first. Vo-2, I was informed of the agenda. If it brought, then I had no home."
Further outlook on Anastasia courts over participants in the meeting with Paul Sevyarynets:
"Everyone came to listen to him. As a journalist I wanted to write an article. Scary But we were detained. And at the moment there are any absurd courts."
Public activist Sergei Banka said he has not received a summons from the court — and this legislation asks. States that a random policeman gave him a piece of paper unknown reference:
"He said that as long as an acting district. He had a printed form, where needed write the name and time. He finished the date with me. Why is this policeman comes and gives me some sort of receipt? I’m waiting for the courier to come, hand me a summons personally, I raspishusya in obtaining it. Such was not. "
The situation is commented Brest human rights activist Raman Kislyak:
"Violates the requirement of independence of the judiciary. Courts must report in advance, so that people can prepare. And they warn the evening that day trial. At this some activists plan to drop the complaint."
Brest tribunal sentenced another 2-participants with P.Severintsa, 5.09.2007 • Brest details of the arrest participants with P.Severintsa, 20.08.2007

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