Brest participants with P.Severintsa not willing to go to a tribunal

In an interview with Radio Liberty Olga Smirnova referee complained that none of the five due to the tribunal now was not.
"I do not know the background of this — says Smirnov and inform the referee that will be considered for the delivery of the defendants under duress.
Public activist Sergei Bathhouse, administrative case which is in the court of the Metropolitan District, said that until he received a summons from the court, because it asks legislation.
"He came yesterday a policeman who identified himself as the deputy of the district, even left a note that I was warned about the Tipo call to the tribunal. But this is not an official document. I have to declare a boycott of the court" — explains Sergei Bathhouse.
• Brest tribunal sentenced another 2-participants with P.Severintsa, 05 .. 09.2007
Metropolitan Tribunal sentenced Paul Brest area Seviarynets 15 days of arrest, 22.08.2007 • Brest details of the arrest participants with P. Sevyarynets, 20.08.2007

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