Brest teamwork Belarusian and Polish customs ckonchytstsa 15:10

A source in the customs "Western Bug" said cooperative customs clearance was time put the interests of the Polish side. Allegedly, the Poles drove away a lot of cool, household products, and not to unload good for inspection twice Polish service "prysusedilisya" to us. According to Spices, currently Polish budget to save on travel.
People in the queue, as Poles and Belarusians, they say that such a transfer aggravate the situation at the check pt. In 1-x, because of the double crossing of the border inspection takes twice as long as in-2, if the transport does not miss and "deployed" back, a few miles vorachivatsya awkward.
Ms. Azhgirevich, Deputy Director of Customs "Western Bug" on the organization of customs supervision, said that for Belarusian aspects of the problem does not exist, because on the road border supervision and so isolated, there are 9 so called "Green lanes", and only one with control of mandatory — if not exported works of art, precious metals, drugs and guns.
"More fundamental for the country control on arrival," said Mrs. Azhgirevich further. "Step Poles — they will be better or worse — I will not comment. We execute on arrival puzzle to protect the economic interests of the country, and we fully execute what we prescribed. And as for the fact that someone uncomfortable vorachivatsya, it is necessary to do everything Radzivil requirements at the intersection of the boundary. honest citizens do not have vorachivatsya. "

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