By 2050, Belarusians will lose 38% of the population

Newspaper "Our word" first lane is subject 645th anniversary of the victory of the Belarusian army over the Mongolian Blue on Water and Ukraine’s liberation from the Mongol yoke. What role did the battle on the course of history in Eastern Europe? Read the article in Anatolia Gritskevich most fresh newspaper.
"Our word" print information materials, dedicated to the 70th anniversary of Vladimir sodalite. Readers can read notes about Vladimir sodalite today his case with the police and reasoning about life in the article "What is baptism and the same fate."
"Our word" published a letter from the Constitutional Court, which advises the Council of Ministers to print forms for testing students on the whiteRussian language. Letter was a response to the public offer.
"Narodnaya Volya"Published an article by Dr. Nikitchenko" Environmental threat Belarus. "In time closed the Institute of Radiation Medicine and Endocrinology, Republican Center of Radiation Medicine, Institute of Land Profile, Institute "Belrad." Created a single center in Gomel left without professionals, who did not want to leave Minsk. According to estimates of the creator, the Belarusians to 2020 were missing half a million people, and by 2050 — will lose 38% of the population.
In Belarus, there is only one year of the country’s only hospice for adults. It is designed for 29 beds and only for the inhabitants of Minsk. With the main hospice doctor Olga Maria talked Muchka Eysmont:
"50% of patients with cancer live at least 5 years. Turns out that onkotsentre patients with fourth stage cancer simply sent home to breathe. People remain alone with his own pain and the horror of death. Hospices, paleativnoy help just and created in order to help such people. In Europe, estimated that a million inhabitants must created 50 seats in the hospice. "
Newspaper "Komsomolskaya Pravda" knows how to adjacent RF arresting people of Belarus for cough pills. They can be purchased in the Belarusian pharmacies. It is composed of very small proportions of psychotropic drugs. Employees of Russian Federal Drug Control Service on the Web offered a couple hundred bucks for a pill. First victim arrested a year earlier shop in the capital.
"Komsomolskaya Pravda" published material that the apartment will be cheaper for large. For the third kid is not the government pay 30% and 50% soft loan.

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