Charhinest: Belarus has no plans to introduce nuclear weapons on its territory

"In order to address this question, we need to negotiate, you need to meet and open a discussion. No discussions nor inside Belarus or in the international arena or on the Belarusian-Russian negotiations on this topic was not. Because raise this issue as an issue that is discussed or resolved, it is impossible.
Since meant pochetaemy salting of in Minsk sovereign Surikov, it’s hard to say, and I think it must apply to him. "
Reporter: "A Belarus wished to have on its territory of the Russian nuclear weapon?"
Cherginets: "Belarus did not want to have on its territory a nuclear weapon — either the Russian or South American or other. It is the only country in the world that voluntarily, without any criterion not received a penny, withdrew from its territory a nuclear missile gun.
Whereupon, True, there had been violations of these duties by the United States, which promised to assist Belarus in liquidation of mines launchers mizhkantynentalnyh ballistic missiles. They did not.
There were some accusations against Belarus, even mockery, if it put forward the proposal to develop a nuclear-free zone in Europe, called on neighboring countries to assume such liabilities. All that remained without response.
Belarus — a nuclear-free government. She has no plans to introduce nuclear weapons on its territory. And in any negotiations this issue does not lead. "
Reporter: Can we consider the statement as a provocation then Russian ambassador?
Cherginets: "No, I would not say. As for us, everyone has the right to express their worldview. How long do we have to endure such statements by various European politicians, who blame all the sins in Belarus. So it is with U.S. politicians and senior officials. Because we treat this quietly and with dignity, knowing that anyone can read everything he wants. But one must evaluate policy performance, and others — maybe even doctors. Because I do not see it as a provocation. Everyone has the right to read, in including salting of. But no negotiations on this topic between Belarus and Russia has taken place and underway. "
A.Sannikav: "Lukashenko must respond to the statement Surikov, 28.08.2007 • Stanislav Shushkevich: "Russia more vorachivaetsya the positions of the former USSR ", 27.08.2007 • Our homeland dreams return to Belarus nuclear weapon?, 27.08.2007

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