Chernobyl liquidator Vasily Siliverstov hunger strike

It was manufactured in 17 hours 17 minutes at a meeting of the board of scientific and medical center after, as Siliverstov once again declared that they could not tie his illness and disability with a role in the Chernobyl disaster.
From lieutenant supplies Siliverstov once again claimed additional documents from the military unit, which was located in Ukraine for 14 km from Chernobyl, where in 1988 called Basil Siliverstov of supplies, as well as many other Belarusians, for decontamination and military ammunition.
"The requirement of additional documents — this is an ordinary red tape. In Last year, when I walked in the rehabilitation center, I brought here all the available documents on a six-month service and work in the Chernobyl zone. I do not understand what is more important — a living man with his illness or some additional help from the military unit, which has long been there, "- said a Chernobyl liquidator.
V.Siliverst: "The liquidators in Belarus is one of the largest", 27.04.2007

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