Chernobyl: possible victims — 5.5 million people

Specialists of the Institute determined the town, zabruzhanasts which impacted on people’s health. Considered such danger — from asthma to premature death. Certain rating — from first to tenth — Institute does not offer, as there is no reliable disk imaging on human health in countries that are developing.
5 and a half million people — potential victims of Chernobyl circles. This is the greatest figure in the list of Institute Blacksmith. The reason — the radioactive dust from uranium and other metals.
In 10 of the most unsafe places for people’s health comes Azerbaijan Sumgait, which potentially caused harm to the health or life of 275 tyscham people. The danger came from the effects of heavy metals and organic chemicals, which is associated with the industry of the town.
In Russian Dzerzhinsk (Nizhny Novgorod region) ecology could affect 300,000 people, danger make for example, fenoly sarin — a substance nerve exposure. All consequences of the production of chemical weapons in Dzerzhinsk.
Human life is Russian Norilsk, in which possible victims — 134 thousand people. They suffer from the effects of heavy metals and fenolav eventually nickel mining.
Among the most dirty parts of the world — two areas in China, two in India and one in Peru and Zambia.
In a broader list of 30 most Zapyataev places in the world named as Russian Bratsk, Chita, Magnitogorsk and Ore Dock (Primorsky Krai).
Most disk imaging on the website
According to a report of the Ministry of Environmental Protection of Belarus, the number of emissions leader among cities in Belarus is Minsk. Very highest level of harmful emissions into the atmosphere from stationary sources — Novapolatsk. Over the highest degree of air pollution observed in the Gomel region: in the Gomel, Svetlogorsk and Mozyr.

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