China is developing BOMBER, like the B-2 — Japanese media

China is developing BOMBER, like the B-2 - Japanese media
China is developing a new strategic bomber, in appearance like the South American B-2 (pictured), report to the Japanese media, writes September 24.

But on this program there have no clarity, it is clear that China is modernizing its H-6 bombers (Tu-16), also showing interest in purchasing Russian Tu-22M and Su-34.

But expressed the idea that China does not need a new strategic bomber, besides hitherto there were no official reports of the existence of similar Beijing applets. Yet, the scheme «flying wing» is nicer for the development of the aircraft itself, because it allows to have a large internal volume and beautiful stealth characteristics.

In the Chinese blogosphere is no defect in the fantasies on how to be a new bomber. It is reported that since the mid-1990s by Sian Design Institute and Xi’an Aircraft Factory, a draft H-7 with 4 engines «Taihang» (substitution AL-31F turbofans). Combat load the aircraft with «ordinary aerodynamic configuration» 18 m (option — 12 cruise missiles «Red bird-3» with a range of 3,000 km run, any armed nuclear warhead capacity of 350 kt), the highest rate of M1, 4, range of over 10,000 km with the possibility air refueling. Bomber, flying from a base in Heylutszyane capable of striking all of North America. The question of why a bomber designed in the usual way, says that while China had only experience of modernization H-6 bombers, did not have knowledge on the new aerodynamic schemes and try to make a plane on the basis of well-studied design (creation of the experience was used fighter-bomber JH -7A).

It is also reported the development of a more ambitious model — hypersonic aerospace bomber H-9. This plane should be resettled by 4 turbofans and 2 ramjet engines. Turbofans are used for «normal» flight at 2-3M, upon reaching a height of over 15,000 m cut one ramjet engines that allow the aircraft to reach a height of about 100 km and reach speeds of 8M. Such bomber fails to 2-3 hours to reach their targets in at least some point of the Earth.

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