CHINESE STEALTH BOMBER H-18 may soon become a reality

CHINESE STEALTH BOMBER H-18 may soon become a reality
Not so long ago in the South American military fotoresurse Military Photos were taken by the developed image of Chinese stealth bomber H-18 with an estimated length of 28-30 m, reports now

Foreign military enthusiasts believe that this undistinguished medium-range bomber, filled with 2 high-thrust turbofan, the largest range of about 8000-9000 km, combat radius of 3500-3700 km, the highest rate of 2M combat load of 12-15 tonnes aircraft has internal bomb bay 8 m long and in various configurations can carry up to 72 managed bomblets, four strategic KR (3000 km) type SDB-10, four supersonic anti-ship missiles or YJ-12 anti-radar missiles «Eagle 100» long range. Bomber will be able to strike the South American military bases on the island. Guam.

To improve the characteristics of stealth aircraft designed on a «flying wing». Doctor of the State Institute of Defence Colonel Wu Guohuy China states that the development of «stealth bomber» is one of the priority programs in the field of military aviation. Currently, stealth bombers and the U.S. are developing our homeland.

The article says that the development of Chinese bombers facing difficulties. Maybe it’s really true, but generally, the practice shows that such «pictures» is always embodied in the metal, as it was with the J-31 fighter jet and shock UAV «Sword», details of which appeared two years back, but Last year they became a reality.

U.S. made three types of stealth bombers — F-117, A-12, B-2 and develop promising NGB (bomber last generation). F-117 currently being decommissioned part of the U.S. Air Force, the program A-12 was canceled in 1990, the B-2 is in service. Russia developed a stealth bomber is still at the stage of blowdown wind tunnel model.

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