Citations a day or — 24 September

"These Stalinists (yesterday there were many, and now too) tend to diminish the amount of repression. Specific example — the book" Memory "on Mjadelsky area in which it is written that in 1939-1941 years wasof repressed and pardoned 62 persons. At the same time I was with someone brought folder editorial material with the note "This is something that did not go into the book" Memory. "It was repressed in the list these years — 278 persons. "

Historian Misha Chernyavskii — understatement of the number of victims of Stalin’s repressions in Belarus

"Our actions are focused to a decent standard of living. A the most important thing — exploit the potential of our people. We will survive and continue. Only consequences will be bad — both for the government and for the people. Reduced range of products, prices will rise, increase social tensions. "

Chairman of the public company business "Perspective" Anatoly Shumchanka — during business meeting in Brest

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