Citations passed: philatelists know that the dark color is not very uncommon to post signs.

Greetings to you! Here’s how ceases day September 7 different years passed through publication in newspapers Belarusian past.
* "Krasnoarmejsky truth", year 1927. Denisov soldier writes: "In our regiment accordion hitherto participated in the campaign. Even horse spies adapted to play, sitting astride a horse. Yes, that’s on the company officer exercises command forbade the use of the accordion on the campaign, explaining that followed: the accordion on the campaign can lead to indiscipline fighters; when he plays the accordion, the Red Army feel not in order, as free citizens in rural areas. I do not agree with such views … "
In the "change of the Red" for 1967 S.Galyakov someone tells about celebrating the 25th anniversary of "Voice of America": "A little audience that gathered on this occasion State Press Club in Washington, was shown only a sketch of the latest postage stamp in honor of the "Voice of America" — dark transmitter and the inscription "Property of the United States." Stamp collectors know that the dark color is not very uncommon to post signs. But This time he seems to have absolutely the respective colors of pirate flag under which day and night sounds in the air "Voice of America".
* In 1977 "Evening Minsk" prints the then standard advertising: "How to protect vchasanne perfect autumn when the rains come often when you have to wear a hat? This problem easily solved if you have the wig. You can purchase it in pastyzhornym atelier "Wigs" (Guerrilla Avenue, 32). Bookings made within 20 days, and for guests — for 10 days. There are also ready wigs. They are made from Japanese kanekalon fiber. "

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