Citations past: But gentlemen Socialists seek far …

"Plotka Wilenska" in 1907 sneers: "Dziennik Wilenski" at number 181, typing reports Socialist Congress in Stuttgart, insists the Belgian Socialist Nature stated that Herve should think about in order to "mizhnaradovki" failed to attract and Mars. Unfortunately! But gentlemen Socialists seek far … After all, where we are closer to Mercury and Venus — and there actually belongs to bring the first steps. Only after could would reflect on Mars, Jupiter, and even more distant planet … "
On pages "Lima" in 1947 Jora Taran someone says: "The reader will not mind a dream that decorates life serves as an incentive to move forward, it seems like a call to transform into reality. Dream that does not separate the man from the formidable sober and practical activities, and gives him the desire be the best — such a dream can only contribute to the success of a work of art as a factor in education. "
"Free announcements" on This week in 1997 the musicians give the word "Palace", which explain why they refused to perform at "Slavic market": "… because of the anarchy and disrespect on the part of the organizers. We have not received any formal invitation nor treaties, nor even would be a simple fax. If asked in a telephone conversation that will be fees, we pronounced that … we will not get anything … Well, so be it — we all the same were willing to speak. But a day or up to four out suddenly learned that the concert "Palace" sold tickets are quite expensive. "

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