Citations past: For the latest program from the concert … prepare artists ensembles Bond Accent, Quintus

"Vitebsk proletarians" in 1937, tells the story of the Belarusian military maneuvers neighborhood: "All the distance ahead of the tanks occupy. Usesakrushalnaya power good fighting vehicles, built on sovetskogo factories, evokes a sense of great joy and pride. Good machine sotsyyalistychnay homeland. Now mock attacks. But if useful to attack the enemy, they erase from the face of the earth all the fascist bastard who dares poruha on us. "
"Evening Minsk" in 1977 published a letter that came to the party committee of the address of the farm tractor factory "Iskra" Lahoisk district: "Once a year working MTZ make invaluable assistance in household cleaning grain, potatoes, flax. In This year they have collected more than 6 acres of flax and 10 — potatoes. More than 600 traktorozavodtsev work currently harvesting potatoes in the sponsored area farms … Working MTZ decided: "Potatoes should be removed promptly and without losses." Assumed responsibility for a day to do and exceeds performance standards, so no one was not Minutka machinery and trucks. "
The same "Evening Minsk", just in 1987, writes: "The latest concert program from the urban youth song festival dedicated days of birth Komsomol, prepare artists ensembles "Bond", "Focus", "Quint" student Philharmonic Minsk Institute of Culture. These groups have always been commitment, the search for new forms of its songs. And at the festival they will remain true to yourself. In their performance, we hear the best product for young people in different musical styles. "

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