Citations past: Hail, Fatherland, you are our free, powerful friendship Russian people!

"Russian Belarus" in 1947 he writes about the city Song and Dance Ensemble of Belarus: "These songs talk about the past life of the Belarusian people, wounded, bruised, but vigorous fighter against their oppressors — the foreign invaders, the desire for freedom of Belarusians, and fortunately, in the end, that as they have gained this freedom using the majestic Russian people as they paced running their own father and friend Stalin newcomer to prosperity and power {alongside other nations Russian Union, building a brighter future beloved Fatherland own}. "
"The collective farm Truth", 1957 year. Printed Bill BSSR "On strengthening the fight against anti-social, parasitic elements": "Set that to adult people who hold antisocial, parasitic lifestyle, maliciously evading socially useful labor, and living on unearned income, measures can be carried out public exposure of expulsion on public sentence for a term of 2-to 5 years of mandatory connection to work on-site links. "
In 1977 year "Evening Minsk" introduces the text of the anthem of the USSR S. Mikhalkov and G.El-Registana translated into whiteRussian language P. Brovki, K.Krapiva, M.Tanka, A. Kuleshov, P. Panchenko, R. Baradulin:
"In the glow We thought communism continuous litsezreem our subsequent years, and the flag reddish glorious Fatherland We will boundlessly loyal, always!
Glory to our free Fatherland you, powerful friendship Russian people! Lenin’s party — the power of folk us to the tops of Communism! "

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