Citations past: May Premirovana beast, I adore you currently ready!

"Belarusian village", year 1927. The newspaper reported: "Farmers Senno district, Vitebsk neighborhood, collected in a fund to build a squadron" Our answer to Chamberlain "300 rubles 91 kopecks. Funds have already been sent. Cause farmers Beshenkovichi district, Orsha neighborhood Gorodetsky and Chashniksky areas Vitebsk neighborhood. Zhazhelkovski Committee for Mutual he brought to the fund for the construction of a squadron "Our answer to Chamberlain" 3 rubles … We farmers village Shortbread Kopyl district, we make 5 rubles. 75 kopecks. to build "Our response to Chamberlain."
"Fatherland" on This week in 1957 reprints a radio skit "Liberation": "Russian writer could not do without cattle beast … — media and socialist abundance, and new socialist relations to work, to the brand new home and, of course, — the source of socialist realism! .. Karovnitsa! It sounds good! .. No wonder that one of the Belarusian poets reads lips kolkhoznitsa-karovnitsy "Premirovana May beast, I adore you currently ready!" How many socialist realism marksystska-Leninist sense, and as you can see for yourself — socialist highest skill. "
"Free News" 1997. Gennady Buraukin writes: "ignoring the anniversary Bryl control of the country showed that that is not its political engagement, and simple human discourtesy. President Bryl grandchildren in the same pass. Alexander G. school read the works of Bryl received some estimates — and not to congratulate itself writer 80th anniversary, this is, frankly, rudeness! "

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