Citations past: Over our patients do not hang danger pay money for the healing of their own pockets

"Nowe Zycie" in 1927 under the title "The Bolshevik dream" wrote: "Moscow is seriously contemplating over not needed have saved for scientific purposes for future generations brain outstanding Bolsheviks. Omitting the benefits that it can bring to science, brain this deserves something more than that, that it buried in the ground or burned in the crematorium. "
"Evening Minsk", year 1987. A district of Minsk Doctor A.Shylok remarks: "Suppose you it does not seem paradoxical, our free medical service taught people to think, not the person responsible for their own health and bodies zdravaahovy. And when you povinet disease itself? Above our patients not hanging danger pay money for the healing of their own pockets. And that’s how I think, significantly reduces human responsibility to the society and themselves. "
"Free announcements" on This week in 1997 positioned letter convicted deputy Supreme Council Vladimir Kudinov arbitrator to Borisov district V.Shelepenya: "You are creating their unlawful actions government violence, heresy, hardened order of things existing laws. You are not thinking now about what condemning illegal person in the country are contributing to the establishment of the regime of violence, which throws our Society for many years from the creation of a democratic country … "

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