Citations past: We’re ready for the first call of the party and the government with tractor seats on the tank

Referring to the Belarusian press September 6 different years, radio "Liberty" reminds you of events for the past.
"Free Belarus", year 1917. Lyosik speculate about the church: "Pastors should know … that satsyalnae and political life is controlled at the moment no religion or church. Nipapravimuyu And they shall make a mistake when again will give atruski own impact on citizenship in the hands of political power and will go again in captive for measured and fat life. CHURCH should be {nizalezhnay itself to meet the demands of the time}. This requires the most spirit of Christ and science jobs church shoot religious needs of the people and the political nor blutatstsa satsyalnuyu and fight. "
"Vitebsk proletarians" in 1937 provides word-stakhanovites traktarysttsy Grunya Burehinay: "{Our country — the most powerful in the world — has a better reddish Army.} Our army is a massive bulwark of peace. She fostered by Stalin. At any moment we can give a decisive rebuff to the fascist bastards that is visible to everyone, we are preparing a war. And we will destroy the enemy on the areas where it will come. Do not take them with us rich and satisfied collective life. We are ready for the first call of the party and the government with tractor seats on the tank. "
"Star" in 1947, entitled "Ensuring Minsk firewood" writes: "From the implementation of the plan preparation and zavozki fuel depends uninterrupted and precise work of our schools, colleges, institutes, hospitals, orphanages, nurseries, playgrounds, public utility companies. From this will depend on providing their residents with firewood. Because firewood should give the most severe attention all the party, and sovetskogo public organizations capital. "

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