Come into the store — every day change prices

Anastas S. "What can say about the Belarusian schools? Until such time as the rule lukashisty with funny day every tongue will become worse. Pochetaemy president of Ukraine, Yushchenko emperor asks: where did the whiteRussian language? What lukashisty-dushytseli may answer him? It’s nothing. The opposition and the people there is one little problem — possible faster to separate from the head chief of the Belarusian authorities, who are very tired. Forthcoming his being in power — it’s a disaster for the people. Often increase the price of food, even bread. After the new year, when prices rise sharply energoelementy, then under such control would be in the Republic of Belarus "with nothing." Then finish will come very quickly. Language issue is resolved gun — cancellation of the Russian language as municipal. Referendum is illegal. "
Man: "That’s your favorite vaunted Shalkevich. Already "zadalbali" you with its advertising. Here’s a song: a lady with a bottle but still in his hand. This imaginary. There is no logic. So outlines lady endorses it, say her precious coat, so she — she could not find at home or purchased at the store plastic bag and put the bottle of beer? As for that matter — that is ordinary alcoholic. Maybe coat is stolen. Pass your Shalkevich — nothing in his songs do not. "
Vasily Tyuhay Berezin: "The decision to nominate Stanislav Shushkevich for the Nobel Peace Prize deepest truth. If Lukashenko possessed nuclear weapon, it is hard to imagine what would be at the moment was the situation in the world — the same junk on his head, ordinary people on the threshold of his to discover not allowed. And now I hear that the discussions started on the return of nuclear weapons in Belarus. This is something abnormal. Never itself was not that one government gave another atomic weapon ready. Is that a conquered country, which has been almost exist. Apparently, according to all that the integration is already irreversible. Because try, at least, not pradeshavits, sire traitors, Lukashenko. "
Student: "Thank you, Night Freedom for the new album" Krama ". Varashkevich Thanks sire. I believe that it will be very good album. Thank you, Freedom. "
Ivan Karpovich, Minsk: "I wish to say about the issue of increasing prices — they grow like mushrooms constantly. Comes into the store — every day price changes. But not in this case. Why prices are increasing? Because our economy is not working. 30% working, and the rest on paper. village as "lies" — everything on paper and crops and yields, etc. That’s where you need to go. Certainly we in Belarus, not economists, so Sidorsky uttered: that still are you kidding, my dear. He simply collects paper and nothing more. On paper, we have everything smoothly even profit growth. Not a bad saying was our Protz: seven spoons, one of the bipod. And at the moment with a bipod, and million with a spoon. Look what states have done — from the presidential team to the Council of Ministers, the Council of Ministers from the vertical.’s who we have parasites. Because we still live. And raise prices due to the working class, the intelligentsia and the elderly. "
Man: "Shalkevich you playing for a month with his dramatic works. But the subject of his very insignificance. He applies those facts that have no value to society. Apparently, this very principle, but you need to say something more important. No need say what happened to him that the woman in the yellowish dress reminded him feeling. necessary to say something more about Belarus. Say something significant. told to every Belarusian thought. "
Man: "to raise pensions, and immediately the price of food increased. It works only on the poor, on the people who have 200 — 300 thousand. And officials it did not affect. How much will it last? Our agents who earn blood and later, but officials do not earn. What do they do? BNFavtsav catch? Yes Teuton so did not catch and punish. Lukashenko boasts that the collection, then the Russian government, we collected more and harvest it by hand. "
Jackiewicz, Vitebsk "If RNE read that he considers his city Vitebsk, believe me, they were right. They can still cooperate with the KGB, with the Interior Ministry. They can also cooperate with other services. And under the guise of this, that some Do not open the case, will do link to RNE. And these kids come in cars and agitate. Now it is necessary to inform the West all the characteristics. "
Ilya Kopil, Minsk: "Last week on Belarusian TV channels showed the relics of St. Vladimir the Baptist baptized his patron and Belarus. In my opinion, this is complete nonsense. From history it is clear that he was mean and ferocious prince, like his grandfather, Igor, grandmother Olga, father Svyatoslav. On its own the way he left destruction and perdition. Polotsk He ruined. Killed Rogvolod prince, his wife, sons. Rogneda daughter against the wishes of his own wife did. Apart Rogneda he had 7 more wives and concubines 800. At the Polotsk principality whereupon ancestors began to call their own kids Vladimir. Prince Vladimir such as patron of Belarusians, Suvorov, Ants, Peter I and others. It would be fair if the Belarusian Autocephalous Church struck out Vladimir number of saints. "

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