Courts expect more 2-10’s man

Nineteen activists of the unregistered organization "Young Front"Received subpoenas in Baranovichy city tribunal. They will be judged from 23 to 26 September for the fact that in a symbol of solidarity with Yaroslav Hryshchenya came to the courthouse.
Among those who are going to come to the tribunal, Olga Smolenchuk Dmitri Fedoruk, Tatyana Bulanov, Ella Goreckaya (Member assistance politically repressed), Arsen Parhuta, Hope Krapivina and others.
Christina Marchuk outraged police actions:
"Policemen behaved very cheeky. They threw women. Brazenly and crudely suggested an intimate relationship … Threatened that another two weeks will keep us. Olga Smolenchuk led by personal inspection. The policeman tried, despite the fact that he is a person of reverse sex, be at the inspection. He stated that he will hold its inspection. "
Of detainees in Baranovichi only Paul Seviarynets sentenced to confinement for 17 days. Relatives of Paul are very worried about his health. Immediately after the "chemistry" he misses every month in jail.
Says Managing Bobruisk branch "Junior Front"Valery Mackiewicz:
"The country is walking joke that Sevyarinets released two months earlier, of which he has already served half months. Notwhich they say, that fines Ivan Shyla, Anastasia Ozark evidence of changes to the business "Junior Front"Tipo repression that began not as stringent. Clearly, this is not true. Picture this — judge 1 person, and detained immediately several 10-s new ones. "
Lyudmila Atakulava now started to freedom after serving seven days in jail for what came to the tribunal to Ivan Shyla.
In Orsha, 8 and 9 September detained people who sought to mark a day of Belarusian Military Glory in Krapiuna field. Detainees were not so little that they were brought by buses.
In Brest, September 8, city officials held a theatrical event in Brest fortress with the role of the military to remember defense of the fortress. With all this on the streets detained about 10 ka man which had on clothes icons "For Freedom." There were no reports drawn up, but the police copied passport data of all detainees.
Alexander Milinkevich believes that the increased pressure on young people shows new processes in the state authorities.
"I think that, indeed, the government wants to cooperate with Europe, because the economy is very languid prospects. But the horror that they have to the community even more. Because they’re so trying to eliminate youth movements, but they lost youth. Lose here these most of the best — young, active, conscious. They try to break them. I think that just the power is in the stage of agony. "
Remain behind bars five activists. 24 people should go to the courts to deal with administrative protocols for his role in an unsanctioned rally.

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