Courts have been arrested for distributing leaflets

In court Partyzanski district of Minsk Lena referee Tityankova discerned administrative reports on detainees Leonid Novitsky, Lena Smooth and Vital Tihanovich.
First tried Leonid Novitsky. He said, "Radio Liberty", September 21 to come to his apartment KGB, who refused to name names. Later there came police and conducted a search.
Leonid Novitsky says:
"They took the 96 EU flags with the inscription" Belarus "in the center. Shirts with the inscription" By "and stars around, wheels, blue bandanas. When I asked I was given a copy of the protocol, they refused do, saying: "It’s not allowed." I want to file a complaint with the prosecutor’s office because the police did not have the right to take my property. "
The police Leonid made two administrative reports. 1st — Tipo neprelichnuyu for abuse, and the second — for the preparation of an unsanctioned rally.
Referee Lena Tityankova arrested Leonid Novitsky for 10 days on a first protocol. Leonid does not exclude that immediately after serving his sentence he will be brought to the tribunal and arrested again.
"This protocol was drawn up in order that I may not have time to make a complaint. Second — that I have not participated in this march."
Vitaly Tikhonovich also detained on September 21. He was together with his own girlfriend Lena tablecloth on public transport stop. These policemen came. Vitali said that it further:
"Policemen approached us and said, that in the town of cases of distribution of newspapers and asked to show that in their knapsacks. Alina found a newspaper and a policeman asked Alina sit in the car. I stood up for her. Then they started kicking me. Since I did not yield, I was handcuffed. "
Vitaly Tikhonovich arrested for 15 days. He enrolled in a language institute and believes that his arrest would entail exclusion from school.
Vitaly girlfriend Lena smooth referee arrested for 7 days. Lena told the courtroom:
"On Akrestsin I was with an alcoholic. They were dirty and I also became a dirty how they sat. There were 10 people in the chamber. Akrestsin on I already second time. First — before the" Chernobyl Way ".
Meanwhile Central District Court was arrested for 10 days BPF Constantine Grahovo. Youth enrolled in the second year of full-time Institute of Linguistics. The commandos found in his knapsack leaflets calling to participate in the "European" and "Social" marches.
Eyewitnesses, police special forces soldiers, states that Constantine Tipo their sight pasted stickers on the building of the restaurant "McDonald’s", that about October Square.
Constantine said that Actually he checked all the items in the knapsack, like other 10-s Young people on the streets of Minsk in the last three days.
Vladimir Novitsky
Vital Tihanovich and Lena Smooth
Lena Smooth
Minsk judge for flyers, 24.09.2007

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