Courts over the opposition in the Brest region will continue until October

Now in court in Brest metropolitan area will be judged Anastasia Myaleshka, a correspondent for the newspaper "Brest Courier", which came on August 19 presentation book Paul Sevyarinets "Letters from the forest" on the instructions of the publisher. She was detained along with other meeting participants. At the police station were 28 people. On 15 of them accounted for administrative reports. Observers do not exclude the possibility that the case against Anastasia can finish.
Significantly worsened the situation in Catherine Belsky. Referee returned to the police report, that’s his pererablotali. As a result, on new charges Catherine can get behind bars. Policemen remembered that during the year it has lured to administrative responsibility and at the moment Catherine incriminated in reoffending. Her case will be considered on September 26.
Previously spotted case Jyrki Bakura, Love Pronevich, Sergei Lazienki Eugene Byalyasina, Vyacheslav Kruglov and Basil Lavrenyuka. Yuri Bacourt believes his arrest one of the parts of modern strategy authorities:
"Detentions were not only in Brest, and in Gomel and Minsk as a" Free Theatre ", and at the moment it lasts. I think it’s nonsense, and power only for themselves do worse. This assigns the popularity of the opposition , the popularity of youth activists. "
Baranavichy judged in the main members of an unregistered organization "Young Front"Coming September 10th in support Baranovichsky Grischenya Yaroslav Court. Absentia Tribunal punishes people fines. Among them Zmiter Fedoruk, which was fined 22 basic units, and Tatyana Bulanov. Tatiana initially charged with hooliganism small writing in the record that she svistala whistle. Tribunal fined her two basic values. But for the moment at Tatiana made another protocol. On This time for his role in an unsanctioned rally.
Says Tatyana Bulanov:
"When I asked to show me the protocol, they pronounced that there is nothing new, I do not see. They have all been written. ‘Cause I do not see any reason to go to get out of Mogilev in Baranovichi, so look at all this heresy. Certainly, our fines will be spent on salaries of policemen that we missed. "
The courts so far arrested only Paul Sevyarinets — In Brest for 15 days in Baranovichy — the seventeenth Paul Seviarynets will be released on September 27.
• Metropolitan Tribunal sentenced Paul Brest area Seviarynets 15 days of arrest, 22.08.2007

• Brest details of the arrest participants with P. Sevyarynets, 20.08.2007

• Two weeks in Belarus sentenced more than 20 opposition activists, 06.09.2007

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