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Igor Varashkevich: "We did it a year, and never had such"
"All life — weird dream" — the first of eight published "Kram" album, the recording of which stretched for a whole year. At the beginning of almost spontaneously formed a kind of social movement in support of the album. Means for writing and publishing drive going by numerous donations.
The album featured many musicians as ever, are not the same band members. Among them — drummer jazz group "Apple Tea" Ales Sapieha, guitarist Leonid Verenich, lead singer of "Indiga" Rusya blues singer and Russian Nikolay Arutyunov. Last singing in Belarusian with Igor Varashkevichem in a new arrangement of the well-known hit "Shops" — "Run, run, boy."
During the year, some songs already rewritten three times. Igor Varashkevich admitted that working conditions on the new album were This time really comfortable.
Varashkevich: "Everyone shall have the assistance of sponsors and all the disks are not recorded on equity. But in this case even more people participated, and because we dedicated more time to work on the album. We did it a year, and never had such. Typically, this week, two — and made. "
"Heaven — the fate of the Falcon" copied 3 times
Some of the songs from the new album "Krama" already known to music lovers. By As the last, song "Heaven — the fate of the Falcon" was among the dozen best songs of the season in the hit parade "Tuzin hits", and a great song and album "Stefka in 20 years" is often heard in the waves of Minsk "Autoradio". Notwithstanding the information vacuum around some rock bands in Belarus, namely "Shops", their works reach listeners.
And what did he think about Igor Varashkevich latest work of the team?
Varashkevich "An artist can not be satisfied completely. Some songs are a little zaezdili, so to speak. If so much time working on them, the ear is going down, and feces someone listens to them from the side, so you know better what outcome. And I just started some songs can not stand. "
Typical public gang, during which "Krama" received financial support for the latest work was necessary to think, is really important. After all, it is not completed until the new album repertoire. At the end, Igor Varashkevich hinted that along with "Cram" he is working on something else.
Varashkevich: "I’m in the last six months he had written another 9 songs while without texts. Is there an old song, there are new, there are songs for "Shopping", and there for another project. "
Autograph session "Shopping" will take place tomorrow at the store, "The Mystery of Sound" shopping center "Riga".
Igor Varashkevich: "The authorities are afraid that we will become popular", 30.04.2007

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