D.Fedoruk: Courts collect fines on wages riot

Member of an unregistered organization "Young Front" Dmitriy Fedoruk told us that deliberately ignored the call Baranavičy tribunal. He believes that illegally was arrested September 10 during trial Malady Yaroslav Hryshchenya:
"Then in Baranovichi policemen were generally protocols on slips of paper on which was written, to whom and what article needed attributed. Then the courts moved to distant date, as, for example, on September 19. Do well to accurately prescribe penalties and smallness so to speak, tear off funds for wages arbitrators riot police. "
Arrests in Baranavichy were planned well in advance
Dmitriy Fedoruk absentia accused of hooliganism and small fined 62 thousand rubles. According to another police reports, as of September 10, Dmitry charged with participating in an unsanctioned rally. Penalty — 620 thousand rubles.
Zmiter Fedoruk says that will stipulate the verdict, appeal to the prosecutor. He is convinced that the arrests were in Baranovichi planned in advance:
"Their script was prepared. OMON After standing in the adjacent building. He was ready, like a dog, make an order to detain us."
We came to support his own friend, and began mass arrests
The tribunal in Baranovichi not come now from Mogilev Tatyana Bulanov. Absentia lady was fined 62 thousand rubles. Her outlook:
"I believe that it is wickedness. We came to support his own friend, and began mass arrests. If we were allowed into the courtroom, then nothing would have happened — no one would stand in court. Surely, their plan is to catch a certain number of people" .
I will support, as they are fighting for the future of Belarus
Tribunal Baranavichi — fourth in This year Bulanovoj for Tatiana. Previously, she was arrested by the actions of "Young Front" in Minsk, and Nyasvizh Saligorsk:
"If such will continuesmiling, then I will participate anyway. These are my friends, comrades. I will support them, no matter what the punishment for that was. Since they are for my country, for the future of Belarus. I believe that it must be fought for. "
Let me remind you that the courts continue Baranavichi 11 September. On the day Paul Seviarynets politician was arrested for 17 days. Currencies fines over time have already received eight members of an unregistered organization "Young Front".
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