Day of birth A.Klimau met in remand

In Minsk Detention Centre Klimov sent April 3. Or, as before it stays there?
I called the duty of the detention facility on Volodarskogo street to find out where the politician. But on the phone refused to talk to me.
Had come to an insulator and a passport to apply to the certificate. I called a relative of the prisoner. Female police confirmed: "Yes, Andrey Klimov still here."
I recall more than a month back the Klimov was sentenced to two years in prison, but has not yet sent a colony.
Which criteria contain a political prisoner? Duty on this question did not answer.
About the same ask the youth activist Timothy Dranchuk that first year was sitting in the Minsk prison.
"As I understand it is in the chamber already convicted. Tipo in one of the best cameras. But how can it be called the best camera? Where I was, all the same there is not enough space completely, I can not breathe, the absolute shortage of daylight. "
I asked Timothy Dranchuk: Will clear Andrei Klimov of congratulations, if they give the waves "Freedom"?
Timothy was not sure. He referred to the evidence that all employees of the insulator in the summer forbade giving information on Andrei Klimov and contact him.
Journalists have already mentioned that if Andrei Klimov was on the "chemistry" that stated that day of birth finally — a sad day, which especially emphasizes the dependence.
But the favorite of Grodno businessmen Valery Levonevsky that more 2 years spent behind bars, said that surely must congratulate Andrei Klimov. Question — how do?
Valery Levonevsky Andrei Klimov sent several letters, but received no reply. He believes that the letter to the addressee not reach. Meanwhile, prison experience gives a hint Levaneuski that information transmitted via radio, in jail certainly misses, and congratulations on Klimov find out.
To convey the idea of a political prisoner tune "Happy Birthday" Valery Levonevsky approved:
"Be sure to give this tune and from people and from me personally. No such that in the bullpen was not pleasant day to celebrate the birth. Or so some melody was not pleasant. Necessary, absolutely necessary it mattersbe ‘.
September 17 Chairman of the Central district court of Minsk Nikolai Samoseiko told "Liberty" that the case of Andrei Klimov not yet transferred to the tribunal to deal with urban appeal. "They filed a complaint and while preparatory study protocol," — said the president of the court.
Explain — to enter into serious mode prescribed only criminal offenders. This mode limits the transmission and goodbye and implies more stringent conditions of stay.
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