Day of solidarity in Minsk No arrests

10s youth activists yesterday came two hours a day or at the main post office and Ming have sent letters of support to political prisoners Dmitry Dashkevich, Alexander Kozulin, Artur Finkevich, Yuri Leonov and Nicholas Autukhovich. Share spent youth movement "Initiative". Also protesters sent a greeting to the political prisoner Andrei Klimov, who is now a day of birth. One of the participating shares Ekaterina Tkachenko said:
"Once upon a time, maybe a year earlier, when Andrew still serving his sentence on the "chemistry" we asked him a question, he celebrates the day of birth in the slammer? He said that the it is very prazdnichek sad. And no special joy of not feel when you meet your own day of birth behind bars.
Because I believe that these solemn cards that Andrew will receive from different people somehow would lift his spirits and let him realize that he is not forgotten, that are fussing about it, think about it young. "
For the protesters followed police, and at the post office building was on duty paddy, but none of the participants had not been detained militiamen.
Another action taken place in Minsk city district "East". Her civilian activists spent the campaign "For Freedom."
85 protesters formed a column and marched from the metro station "Vostok" on the street Kalinowski. Front of the column they carried lattice to which was attached a banner "Today they are — you tomorrow!"
Activists were holding a blue ribbon with portraits of disappeared politicians and political prisoners. At the end of the action, the participants set lattice on the road and the bridge railing ribbon hung with portraits of political prisoners.
Policemen came when action has been completed. None of the participants was arrested. One of the organizers said Denis:
"The action was intended to remind people that we exist in the country is such a thing as political prisoners. People reacted positively, even themselves approached, asked for information. Auto, which passed, sygnalili. I wish that number 16 Everything Belarusian society was solidarity. After all, people can be strong if he agrees. "
About 2-10-s people gathered yesterday evening also near St. Joseph’s Church in Minsk. They lit candles and began to read the prayer. But immediately ran up to them and several commandos police officers civil. They pushed people from the area, but no one was detained.
Similar to shares of days solidariy in other towns and countries, including Kiev, Prague, Moscow, Warsaw, Washington.

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