Defect love increases cravings for cigarettes

Mogilev more than 10 ka organizations declared themselves centers where smoking is prohibited. Among them schools, cafes and even a few companies and companies. They say about it in the public health department of the Mogilev regional center of hygiene and epidemiology. According to department officials, to become the center, the organization must take a specific decision. In the municipal medical institute, where smoking is absolutely prohibited, visited Mogilev our correspondent.
Mogilev municipal honey Institute announced himself as the center, smoke-free, two years back. One of the initiators of this solution was school teacher Vladimir Kozlov. According to him, while going to college now entrant must sign a set of rules:
"We have a set of rules — as the constitution, it is the benchmark standard of what should be in the best case. Because there are very tough wording, which many do not like that can not be a smoker student. A person should think about if you’re in the white robe, you have responsibility for your unhealthy gaze. "
The institute trained more than 650 people in the main girl. Vladimir Kozlov claims that women start smoking deliberately and consciously continue:
"Ladies least fall under, so to speak, the herd instinct. They are more individualistic."
In the midst of circumstances that push people to cigarette — stresses close example, the impact of the company. Vladimir Kozlov adds that provokes people to smoke himself lifestyle. Because of "Healthy Lifestyle" ineffective, the physician said:

Need not fight "against" and "for". It has long been understood in psychology. If we fight against smoking, we did not win

"Cigarettes are everywhere. Necessary to fight not" against "and" for. "It has long been understood in psychology. If we fight against smoking, we did not win."
Shortage of love in society also increases the craving for a cigarette, says the Sovereign Kozlov. Overcomes a cigarette desire and will.
Girlfriend Vladimir Kozlov Svetlana Isachenko smoked fourteen years. Three months she refused to reverse this shortcomings:
"I just wish there was such. We here with my daughter decided that summer cast. I dropped it — not. But cigarettes are at my house. If you know psychologically that you are at home and you smoke cigarettes at any moment, No such traction. "
Ms. Isachenko recalls smoked together with his student in his private office:
"I do not understand when girls go to the toilet to smoke, hiding, wandering for some corners on such that, sorry, you can not go in there and smoke. I left and they both smoke and smoke. While they themselves not decide nothing. forbid The more, the more is the backlash, the more it will do. "
Find a student who does not agree with the existing institute intolerance of those who smoke, I could not.
Woman"Smoking is injurious to health."
Correspondent"And you never smoked?"
Woman"Such questions can not be, as it is very private, and about the fact that the institute is non-smoking — it’s true."
Woman"I do not care, I do not smoke. Let think about it, those who smoke."
Correspondent"A lot of these?"
Woman"I think that a lot. Maybe not here, somewhere in the territory, but people are there."
Woman"I do not like smokers, especially girls — is indecent. Especially nurses. Fact that forbade here, I support."

In Belarus, 65 percent of boys and 20 percent of ladies smoking.

Ask the employee of the public health, or are kept under review the effectiveness of media, where smoking is prohibited. She notes that all depends on the demands of the enterprise or institution administration:
"If [the administration] will seek to fulfill the duties which perceives itself nepalennya zone, it means people are really in the same job, which spend a large part of his life, will not be able to smoke, and have a positive impact on their health."
In Belarus, 65 percent of boys and 20 percent of ladies smoking. Most smokers in the midst of the workers, students. More intensive smokers 21-30 years old people. Over the past 10 years, lung cancer has fallen ill almost 40 thousand Belarusians, 35 thousand of them smoked.
According to "British American Tobacco" in Belarus 20-21 billion cigarettes are sold every year.

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