Deputies want to withdraw? Sat in the dock

From June 27 to July 27 in the month of Novapolatsk held a mass protest against the abolition of privileges. The middle month of the other stocks was collecting signatures for a review of the MPs of Novopolotsk who supported the decision. There were collected 3020 signatures. They were brought to the presidential administration.
In response, the authorities lured organizers to administrative responsibility. Lord Shevchenko Sukhorukov Yasinovich and were detained by police, taken to Novopolotsk City Council, where they were drawn up on the violation of Article 130-137 of the Electoral Code and, accordingly, Article 9.10 of the Code of Administrative Offences.
Which violations it is?
In 1-x, needed registered in the activities of the group executive committee to collect signatures, control group owed receive petitions respective standard, it was necessary to specify the complete nameplate data of each subscriber, specify position, place of work and a deputy to perform a number of other requirements.
Well, what they say about all of this the organizers to collect signatures? Word Valery Shevchenko:
"Before This time, as I understand, similar cases Belarusian courts have not considered. Although signatures for review deputies gathered. In-2: MPs voted, without batting an eye for anti-national law, and we are interested novopolochan outlook on this. Meanwhile City Council knew from the beginning that we are collecting signatures and had to warn us. "
Voice Igor Sukhorukov:
"We believe the executive committee acts workers inadequate. Novopolochane expressed their worldview. They are outraged that the most vulnerable people deprived of benefits. And no court is NOT indignation hid."
What they say about the current tribunal novopolochane themselves, and those who put his signature for a review of MPs? We recorded a few votes subscribers
(Navapalachanka :) "It turns out that all those who signed up and would like to know the truth about the benefits of the deputy, at the moment, too, will go to the tribunal, they also draw the tribunal clarify things with the deputy?"
(Novopolochanina :) "All of this Tribunal — is another impact on the local opposition. And the same newspaper" Inform-plus "dispersed specifically because its editor was in the camp of the opposition and allow yourself to some free articles."
Well, in the end, curious to hear the deputies themselves worldview. States elected by the House of Representatives Novapolatsk Peter Solomukha:
(Solomukha :) "I’m on the court I know nothing. A law on benefits already received. President signed it on December 17 and it takes effect. Because … Well … you can listen to someone’s thoughts — like What? Why? But the law is the law and will have to work on it. "

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