Deputy Chairman of the Grodno organization BPF was sentenced to three days

Maxim Gubarevich detained, according to the protocol, at 12.40 in the park named Zhiliber. As shown in court patrol Nicholas Shymanitsa and Ivan Fist Hubarevich standing in park Zhiliber, neprelichno vyrazhavsya, talking on the phone and did not respond to the comments of the police.
Maxim Hubarevich znyapravdiv this evidence and argued to the court that he is being persecuted for political reasons. In court Hubarevich presented agenda of the KGB, said that half an hour with him debated representatives of special services. A whereupon, when he went into the yard to him in 15 minutes policemen came and began to read it neprelichno scolds.
Hubarevich made objection witnessed that it does not work the phone and offered to look at the printout of calls this time, but the court did not acknowledge these Reson.
Hubarevich arbitrator also said that he is a teacher of history and education at the institute that it is not taught neprelichno swearing.
Hubarevich binds himself with his detention tomorrow anniversary of the Battle of Orsha:
"It was a primitive detention before September 8 — The Battle of Orsha. Three days just are proof that released after the celebrations. "
Lawyer Vladimir Kiselevich also believes that Gubarevich persecuted for political reasons. In the course of the proceedings even Kiselevich a couple of times asked witnesses, whether those perceived oath and do not lie in court.
"I believe that this court illegal, politically motivated prosecution of him for being politically active and deeds," — said Vladimir Kiselevich.
After the court hearing Maxim Hubarevich said to me that tomorrow at Grodno, by the way, none of the opposition celebrations are not satisfied.
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