DEVELOPMENT FGFA / PMF conducted with «huge delay» And gouging BY RUSSIA — Indian sources

DEVELOPMENT FGFA / PMF conducted with
Development together with Russian fighter fifth generation FGFA (Fifth Generation Fighter Aircraft) had a personal experience with the «huge delay» plus Russian side inflates the cost of the project, said a source in the Ministry of Defence of India, now writes The Times of India.
«It is highly unlikely that the final technical agreement (final design contract) will be ready in the 2013-2014 fiscal year,» said the source. This agreement was to be signed in 2012, but the timing of closure of the preparatory technical contract (PDC — preliminary design contract) have been revised. As a result, India over the next two decades-hoo fighter program from fifth generation plans to spend about 35 billion U.S. dollars, is planned purchase over 200 machines (delivery to the Air Forces of India is scheduled from 2022).
For testing the Indian Air Force plan to get from the manufacturer of HAL in Ozar three layouts (in 2014, 2017 and 2019). «Now the timing should be reconsidered. The Ministry of Defence has made a committee of professionals and financial officials who have to check the increase in costs, as the course of internal negotiations on this program, «said the source.
But India as before aggressively rejects U.S. offer to join programmke F-35 JSF (F-35 Lightning-II). «A lot of time and money spent on developing FGFA with Russia. India simply can not afford for themselves «two FGFA» as a monetary point of view and from the perspective of logistics, «said the source. Agreement to develop the project FGFA preparatory period of 18 months was signed in December 2010, the Indian engineers and scientists have even been seconded to Russia for design drawings and documentation.
Although PMF (Perspective Multi-role Fighter — promising multipurpose fighter — approx. «VP») will be created on the basis of single Russian T-50 (PAKFA or Su-50 in flight tests involving four cars), he would be subject to alteration requirements Indian Air Force. Initially, India wanted to buy 166 single rooms and 48 double machines, but at the moment for the sake of reducing costs and maintaining stealth characteristics decided to purchase only single-seat fighter.
Price development of the final technical design is at the level of 11 billion U.S. dollars (India and Our homeland should spend at 5.5 billion dollars, the work contain a design, build production infrastructure at the plant in Ozar, development, prototyping and flight tests). Each fighter must worth a little more than $ 100 million Air India fully confident gaze on the ability of the T-50 to respond to their demands. Also superagility and supersonic cruising (at 1.7-1.8 M) fighter will be an instrument in the inner compartments to reduce radar signature, applied distant beats and patrol for a long time as an interceptor defense.
Currently, Air India account for only 34 fighter squadrons (14-18 cars each), although to deter Pakistan and China need very little, 44 Squadron. This goal will be achieved by the acquisition of 270 Su-30MKI fighters (total price of about 12 billion dollars) and 126 Rafale (almost 20 billion dollars). With the introduction of these combat aircraft to the Air Force can be really fill the gap before adopting FGFA.

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