Development of a new Russian bomber will start in 2014

Development of a new Russian bomber will start in 2014
Development of promising aviation complex distant Aviation (PAK DA), which will change the strategic bombers Tu-95MS and Tu-160, will begin in 2014. On this, as reported by «Interfax», said the Chief of the General Staff of the Armed Forces, Army General Valery Gerasimov. More details about this project, General did not disclose.

The project was approved by promising bomber first in March 2013. Reported that their versions of the new aircraft offered several design offices, but the Main Command of the Russian Air Force chose the project Tupolev Design Bureau, offered military subsonic aircraft with wide application of stealth technology.

It is expected that a promising strategic bomber will be built on a «flying wing». «Tupolev» will finish work on the tactical and technical characteristics of the PAK DA until the end of 2013 and first in 2014 will present the Russian Defence Ministry budget calculation of research works on the project. According to current plans, the creation of a serial bomber to begin in 2020.

Formation type PAK DA ended the middle of 2012. Previously, it was also reported that a promising bomber will not be deep modernization of the Tu-160, and Deputy Prime Minister Dmitry Rogozin called on not to create a «copy B-2,» the South American strategic aircraft.

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