Do legitimately denied registration to Young front?

Lawsuit "Young Front" examines referee Zoe Solovyov. She rejected the first petition representative "Young Front" Anastasia Loikaw, who asked to postpone the meeting due to the absence in the tribunal of all who filed the suit. With regard to the request for participation of the public, then it is satisfied. So makarom, in the process of human rights activists Yury Chavusau kerf and Lena Tamkachova.
Position of "Malady Front" voiced Anastasia Loikaw. A woman believes that "The young front" illegally denied registration. Activist argues that all initial claims Department of Justice, which related documents for registration, were taken into account. "We declare the constitutional goals and act only interested in the legal field," — said Anastasia Loikaw.
Representative Mingorispolkom Natalia Yanushkevich not claim that goal, "Young Front" contrary to the Constitution. She referred to the fact that members of the organization have been involved in unauthorized actions, and therefore, they say, "may begin to act aimed at forcibly change their government." Such a statement has raised questions among advocates "Young Front". Here’s a piece of trial. Questions representatives of the Department of Justice defines human rights activist Yuri Chausov.
Chausov: "You write that, under Article 7 of the Law on Public Associations, prohibited registration associations that aim to change the force-power, the propaganda war, hostility. 7 But the article does not say anything about what is forbidden organization that can hold pickets and rallies. What you directly accuse the founders? "
Yanushkevich: "Nobody does not prohibit anyone to create anything. But their purpose contrary way. Their goal, if so read — cultural and educational activities. Moreover rallies and pickets here?"
Anastasia Loiko disagrees. Serve her comment on such statements.
"I do not agree that our work applies only to cultural nuance. After all, our goal — not only promote education for youth on the basis of public thought and Christian principles, but also the creation of a civilian society based on democracy and the market. And these goals can be achieved in including and through mass action. "
Reporters to comment on its position Natalia Yanushkevich refused.
Referee Zoe Savelyev figuring Anastasia Loiko than "Young Front" is different from other youth organizations, including the Belarusian Republican Youth Union. Answers received, the referee announced a break, after which had begin pleadings. Decision on this issue can be taken right now.
In "Yuen front" does not exclude that the authorities rush to confirm the refusal to register the organization to lawsuits over its activists — Yaroslav Hryshchenya, Anastasia Azarko yes Ivan Shyla. Recall: the case of young activists have already been transferred to the tribunal process can begin, first of September. Activists threatened with deprivation of liberty.
Young Front filed in the Office of Justice Tribunal, 3.08.2007 • P. Sevyarynets: "We expect increased repression", 11:08:07

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